Mount Zion Baptist Church-Newark, NJ
Scholarship Criteria Deadline

Please read carefully the Mt. Zion Scholarship Criteria document before completing this scholarship application. A student may apply once during the academic year. Each scholarship will be in the range of $400-500. 

If applying for the Fall 2023 Semester, the application deadline is May 28, 2023.

Goal: To Support Mt. Zion (Newark, NJ) members pursuing accredited post-high school studies including State accredited: Community College, 4-year college, technical school, and graduate and professional studies; other institutions will be considered.

*If first-year higher education student, proof of acceptance and enrollment for the semester planning to matriculate

*If a continuing student, proof of enrollment for semester planning to matriculate

*Completion of the Mt. Zion scholarship application by the stated deadline

*An active member of Mt Zion, for a minimum of one year prior to applying for a scholarship, active meaning: attends regular service at least 2 x a month via in-person or through remote

*Active in at least one ongoing Mt. Zion activity (i.e. Bible Study, Church School, Mt. Zion ministry, or participation in special programming

*Minimum of 10 hours of service during the calendar year to Mt. Zion (examples: food pantry volunteer; assisting tech team; assisting/participating with special events, programming, or ministry projects

Direct any questions to the Mt. Zion Scholarship Ministry at

If you receive a scholarship you will be required to send a letter or email of receipt to the church, Attention: Ministry of Christian Education.