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Mt. Zion Baptist Church 

Scholarship Criteria


Please read carefully the Mt. Zion Scholarship Criteria document before completing this scholarship application. Student may apply once during the academic year. Each scholarship will be in the range of $400-500. 

If applying for the Fall 2021 Semester, the application deadline is July 15, 2021.

If applying for the Spring 2022 Semester, the application deadline is November 15, 2021.


Goal: To Support Mt. Zion members pursing accredited post high school studies including State accredited: Community College, 4 year college, technical school, other institutions will be considered.


  • If a first year student, proof of acceptance and enrollment for the  semester planning to matriculate

  • If a continuing student, proof of enrollment for semester planning to matriculate

  • Completion of Mt. Zion scholarship application by the stated deadline

  • Active member of Mt Zion, for a minimum of one year prior to applying for scholarship  active meaning: attends regularly at  least 2 x a month via in person or through digital or phone.

  • Active in at least one ongoing Mt. Zion activity (i.e. Bible Study, Church School, a Mt. Zion ministry or participates in special    programming)

If you receive a scholarship you will be required to send a letter or emai of receipt and progress to the church, attention Ministry of Christian Education.